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Fruit Makes You Fat

Posted in Weight Loss

Have you ever heard a fat person tell you that you shouldn’t eat fruit because it makes you fat? When I hear that, I get right in their face and tell them they’ve obviously been eating too much fruit themselves – not! The myth that fruit makes you fat is just another perpetuated by the “diet industry”. It’s utter nonsense. Fruit are full of sugars, yes. But they are 100% natural and fruits are whole foods. They’re full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Fruits are packed with water and they’re natural foods.

I suppose people might look at the sugar content of fruits and be in the mindset that sugar is bad. But this sort of attitude is pretty ignorant, it has to be said. Glugging down a can of soda isn’t quite the same as taking the time to make yourself a home made fruit and vegetable drink. They both contain sugar but one is 100% natural (including nutrients) while the other is full of ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and other refined sugars (which contain no nutrients).

Saying all sugars are bad is the same as saying all men are bad or all t-shirts are bad. It just doesn’t make sense or stand up to scrutiny. So the simple message is that no fatty, fruit doesn’t make you fat – eating junk foods, meat and dairy makes you fat. If you want to get lean then you’ve really got to take a look at yourself and what you believe about being healthy. Fruits and vegetables are your friends. It’s the nutritionally barren calories in sodas and cheap junk food that is the enemy. When we don’t get enough nutrition, our body’s response (rightly) is to make us feel hungry. So we keep eating. But if you’re eating the wrong stuff, then your body will continue to crave more. What it wants is not junk food but nutrition.

So feeding your body with fruits and vegetables is one of the best answers. The fiber that they contain fills us up and all the goodness feeds every cell in our body. You might be thinking that drinking home made fruit juices is just as good as eating the whole foods. But if you take a look at some juicer reviews, you’ll see that juicing is in a way – processing. What it is doing is removing the fiber from the liquid. The juice that’s extracted is full of good stuff, no doubt. But we shouldn’t forget the importance of fiber in our diet.

The bottom line, fruit does not make you fat. Anyone trying to tell you otherwise, doesn’t have a clue.