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Get the Skinny on Green Tea Weight Loss

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green tea weight lossThere is a good chance you have heard about green tea weight loss, especially now that Hollywood celebs such as Johnny Depp, JLo and Gwyneth Paltrow have turned to this ancient brew to help keep their waistlines in check. Even though the idea of drinking a cup of tea to shed the pounds seems far-fetched, this is a weight loss method that is backed by research. Not just trendy, green tea weight loss is actually a fact!

First of all, it needs to be made clear that drinking green tea does not make up for diet that is excessive in calories, it is more a catalyst to aid any weight loss efforts you are presently making. The studies so far show that when 2 groups of people are put on the same calorie restricted diet, and 1 of these groups was given green tea antioxidants and the other group a placebo, the green tea group lost more total body fat, and especially abdominal fat. So there is strong evidence that green tea quickens any weight loss efforts you got going on.

In addition to this, it is found that using green tea before exercising actually increases the amount of fat burned by as much as 17%. That is a lot more than a meager percentage to overlook, that is serious help!

So how exactly does this brew induce weight loss you may ask?

Well it is a very good question and it all comes down to the antioxidants in this drink called polyphenols; the very same antioxidants that provide the health benefits of drinking green tea such as reduced risk of heart disease and cancers. What scientists have discovered is that these polyphenols safely boost our metabolic rate to increase the amount of calories that the body uses each day. The studies show that drinking about 5 cups each day creates enough of a boost to burn up 80 calories a day. So the best green to lose weight is one that contain high quantities of polyphenols.

However, there is even more to this green tea weight loss equation. Not just content at burning calories, these polyphenols also directly burn fat, well the correct term would actually be to dissolve fat. When we eat a meal and there is more calories in that meal than the body can use right then, the excess calories are turned into a type of fat called triglycerides. These triglycerides will hang around in the blood for a number of hours in case the body needs to turn them back into needed energy before the next meal. If these triglycerides are not needed, the body stores them away as fat cells on the body. So most of the fat on your body that you are trying to shift is actual triglyceride fat.

Amazingly, the chemical activity of these polyphenols actually dissolve a percentage of these triglycerides in the blood, therefore reducing the amount fat that can make it onto the body!

More than likely you are ready to add weight loss green tea to your diet plan now that you understand the scientific mechanism of it, but you may be thinking that drinking 5 cups of green tea everyday is just a little too impractical or unrealistic for you. You may even dislike the taste. If so, there is a great alternative and that is green tea extract, a supplement that features a condensed quantity of these polyphenol antioxidants. All you need to do is take a capsule or pill each day and your good to go. Don’t get easier than that!